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Black Rock drift dive

A great mix of beautiful coral and interesting fish life.

This dive starts with a 3 feet high giant stride and is a 'must drift' in order to exit easily. The shallows at the top of the drop off are best described as a being a Swiss cheese. It is just full of large holes and cracks. Aside from teeming fish life it makes great hide outs for Green Moray, Lobster and Nurse Shark. The best hard coral formations are found between 30 and 50 feet and tend to come in patches with mainly sandy rocks and soft coral in between the coral patches. If we drift south and have enough air left for a small D-tour in the shallows, we will visit a group of 7 old canon. Exit is with rolling surf.

Reef regulars of this dive you do not see every day are Sting Ray, Turtles, Nurse Shark, Green Eels, Buffalo Trunk Fish, Queen Trigger, Pork Fish, Spanish Grunt, Groupers, Cubera and Dog Snapper. The shallows are also home to many fun Blennies and Gobies. This dive has a surf exit.