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Boka Washikemba

This dive is lots of fun.

There is a nice stretch of coral reef between 60 and 100 feet. Much like Boka Onima the coral reef is quite a ways from shore at the end of a teasingly slow drop off which is covered with macro algae, scattered rocks and cracks. It is a nice reef with many large coral heads as well as some large Gorgonians. There is abundant fish life on the reef. We often see large Grouper, Barracuda, Queen Trigger and a couple of Pork fish call this reef home.

But the real fun part is toward the end of the dive where there are many very large rock formations which make for a labyrinth of caverns, bridges, tunnels and holes to swim through. Between the rocks it is teeming with fish life. Lots of Grunts, Snappers, Queen Angels and large Rainbow Parrot fish etc are hanging out here. Underneath these rocks the ceilings are covered with colorful sponges. In the nooks and crannies under the rocks you will find interesting juvenile fish, shrimp, eels and lobsters. Often when you come out from underneath a rock the first thing you see will be a Tarpon, Permit or a number of Large Rainbow Parrot fish with on the back ground the whirls and mushroom clouds of foam created by the waves hitting the steep iron shore above.

Back in the boka it is fun to look for Longhorn-, Seaweed- and Rough Head Blennies. A lot of scattered small rocks make homes for eels, crabs and Octopus. A very large crack in the bottom is the home of a school of Glassy Sweeper.

The entry is a giant stride at the end of the boka and our exit is at a rocky beach inside the boka. A full wetsuit and good booties are recommended for this dive.