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Cai Nightdive

The most popular East Coast Dive at Night!

If you like night dives, this one is a must do dive! We have night dived many sites on the west coast of Bonaire as well as some different sites on the east coast. But none of them produce such large numbers of critters at night as Cai.

Much like during the day this dive takes you through a number of different bottom types and habitats, the channel, coral reef, a wall, rubble etc. Each area with specific creatures to look for.

We often end up seeing 6 different species of Lobster, 15 different species of shrimp, 10 different crabs, interesting sea cucumbers like the Florida-, Harlequin-, Grub- and Beaded Sea Cucumber. Shells like Triton's Trumpet, Conch, large Cowrie and Music Volute. Different Moray Eels like the Green-, Purple Mouth-, Viper- and Chain Moray. Different Anemones and Corallimorphs. Large Rainbow Parrot Fish sleeping under ledges. Large Rainbow Parrot Fish that is being cleaned by Black Brotula. Tongue Fish, Red Cling Fish. Basket Stars on Sea Fans, Turtles, Octopus...

Every time the list of stuff we have seen is long and will easily fill a few pages in your log book. Not only you will see many different and new species, many of these species come in spectacular numbers as well. When you shine your light on the reef there are the eyes of shrimp and lobster everywhere.

Give this one a try. You will not be disappointed. In fact, we are confident that it will be the best night dive you have done on Bonaire.