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Bonaire is known for its easy shore diving. Most of the diving is done on the west (leeward) side of the island. But, there is another side of Bonaire... the East Coast, also known as the "Wild Side"

Compared to the west side of the island, the East Coast offers a unique and more adventurous kind of diving experience. With almost flat and widespread coral reefs to steep rugged walls, the East Coast has a great variety of dive sites that are very different from the west side dives.

The east side is famous for its bigger marine life. But also big and healthy, untouched coral reefs as well as 18th century ship wreck sites with old canons and anchors make diving on this side of the island a very rewarding experience.

Contrary to popular believe, the East Coast can be dived from shore almost every day. We really do not need to wait for a wind reversal. With more than 35 different sites to choose from there is always somewhere we can dive.

Why B.A.S. Diving?

B.A.S. Diving is the one and only dedicated east coast shore dive operator. With thousands of guided east side dives done (with clean safety record) it is the best and most experienced guide service on the island.

Dives are private

I do not make groups. So I can slice your adventure at just the right size! Nobody holding us back or cutting your dive short. It makes for better, longer and more enjoyable dives. We will have more choice of different sites, I can show you more and it allows me the possibility of giving more personal assistance with entries and exits.

No limits on dive times

No 50 minute dives here!! We will dive as long as (safely) possible. Depending on the profile dives can last anywhere between 70 minutes and 2 hours.

Dives no one else does

Most of the dives I guide are not offered by anyone else on the island. I am also the only guide who does night dives on the east side. And for those sites that others do go to, I dive them in my own unique way, drift where possible or using currents and surge to our advantage. So we make longer and more enjoyable dives.

East coast shore diving can be challenging

I look closely at your experience level, age, fitness, preferences and size of group etc. to make sure the dive we do is right for you. Not too easy, nothing you could have done by yourselves. But also not too difficult. Nothing wrong with some adventure and a bit of a challenge as long as it stays within our comfort zones.

A learning experience

The entries and exits as well as the diving itself can be more difficult and may require some different skills and techniques in order to get in and out easily. Also the dive itself may be done in an unconventional way to take full advantage of currents and surge. You will be thoroughly briefed and told all you need to know to successfully handle entry/exit and the dive itself. You can later apply this knowledge to your own dives to make things easier and more enjoyable.

Not just big game

Of course I love showing you the big stuff like Rays, Sharks and Turtles! But I also like showing you some of the smaller and rare creatures we come across, some of which are only found on the east side.


When you have been on one, you'll want to see more! With well over 35 (and counting) different and spectacular east side dives to choose from, I'll have something new for you for many Bonaire trips to come.

Lots of good reasons to give it a try and let me take you for an amazing dive on our beautiful east coast. A decision you will not regret. Please contact me for more details or reservations.