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Boka Onima

What makes this dive so special is the coral.

From what we have seen so far, this is some of the most beautiful coral reef around the island. The coral formations are found between 60 and roughly 100 feet. The drop off is very gradual and has a spur and groove type lay-out. The spurs have the coral and it is mainly sandy with some soft corals in the grooves. The corals are absolutely amazing, 10-15-some 20 feet across, and not just one or two, no!, gardens full of them. Just stunning! Because of their depth the coral heads tend to grow flatter making them cover large areas of the bottom. It is just wonderful to float from one fabulous coral garden onto the next. As we go, each garden seems to be even more monumental than the last one.

Aside from all that big coral, there are plenty of fish around. We often see Queen Triggers on this dive, different kinds of Grouper, High Hats and Mutton Hamlets. Many of the corals have large spaces underneath making perfect resting places for Nurse Sharks. Also many large Spiny Lobsters find nice homes in this reef.

Between the shore line (not counting the boka) and the coral reef at 60 feet is quite a ways out there. A very gradual slope covered with macro algae. We call it the big void. Really not much there. However, if you look closer you will find many interesting things like shrimp, crab and small fish hiding in small holes and around rocks. Back inside the boka it is fun to look for juveniles and the Longhorn- and Seaweed Blennies.

It is possible to do a giant stride of about 15 feet high near the end of boka. Fun to do and saves quite a bit of surface swimming. Don't worry about your camera as we will bring a rope to lower it down. Wading in at the beach is also an option. We exit at the rocky beach inside the boka.