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The Chairs drift dive

Another wonderful drift dive with gorgeous coral reef and some interesting features to top it off.

The shallows have several Elkhorn Corals of monumental proportions. They make a diver next to it look small. The top of the drop off is in a spur and groove lay out. A great diversity of healthy hard corals make up the spurs while in the grooves you will find the tallest soft corals anywhere. Many of the Sea Whips here reach an incredible height of 15 feet!

An irregularity along the 45 degree drop off is the place to find a nice school of Tarpon in clear waters. This school of Tarpon is often joined by schooling Cubera Snappers and Horse Eye Jacks. Also Green Moray, Sting Ray and Turtles are seen here many times. Lots of small fish life as well between all the corals. But because of all the soft coral you can not see many of the fish until you are above them and able to look down in between the corals.

And just in case you were wondering. We won't see any chairs on this dive. For years I had this spot marked with some washed up parts of beach chairs. Both entry and exit are with rolling surf.