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Baby Beach

Big Game! Here we often see Reef Shark and Nurse Shark.

Full surf entry and exit, a coral reef that is hardly interesting. Why go here? Big Game! Here we often see Reef Shark and Nurse Shark. Huge Southern Sting Rays resting in the sand are almost guaranteed. Other interesting sightings we frequently have on this dive are Eagle Ray, Hog Fish, Pork Fish, Queen Trigger, Buffalo Trunk Fish, Green Moray, Spanish Grunt, Spiny Lobster, large Blue and Midnight Parrot Fish and let's not forget the Turtles!

Although entry and exit are with rolling surf the bottom is actually pretty smooth making things a lot easier. If you have never done a surf entry and exit, this is a great place to give it a try. When done right it is actually a lot of fun dealing with the waves.

I often do this dive as a drift. It makes the dive a little easier and as we go the coral reef will become a lot nicer too. Diving south the top of the drop off becomes a spectacular spur and groove lay out with beautiful hard corals and Sea Fans covering the spurs.

Going back towards shore it is fun the ride the surge. It is like underwater surfing. There are also plenty of holes and rocks in the shallows to look around for smaller fish including interesting Blennies and Gobies.

If conditions are calm enough we can pass by some canons and anchors in the very shallows near the entry. They are from an old 18th centrury ship wreck called the "William & Ezra".