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Big Sponge Dive

The dreamiest of all drift dives!

The drop off along this section of coast line is a very gradual slope. Thus stretching out the area of most abundant coral growth between 25 and 50 feet to a seemingly endless and luscious reef. Lots and lots of beautiful corals as far as the eye can see, all around you! It is a spectacular sight. Hundreds of Sea Fans and other soft corals stand between the hard corals making the bottom appear like a forest. Especially when looking ahead, you just see a forest of fans revealing the hard corals and most of the fish only as you are almost above them.

Also many interesting Giant barrel Sponges are found in this area. They grow in a very odd shape. Like a volcano type mountain range. Shaped long instead of round. There is also a very nice anchor to be seen. Probably from the 18th century this large anchor is beautifully grown with soft corals and a Sea Fan.

As we move further south (most common current direction on this dive) the almost flat drop off will change into a steeper 45 degree slope. An interesting change from predominantly soft corals to mainly hard coral reef. If you are interested we can d-tour through the shallows a little ways to look at 2 more recent large anchors. These are from a freighter called 'Tilisa del Mar' that ran aground there in the 80's. Follow the chains and it takes you to a very shallow scene of twisted steel wreckage, engine block and 2 propellors. Over the years the waves have torn up the ship completely.

Both entry and exit are with rolling surf.