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Other Bonaire companies and organizations that do a good job.

The people at STINAPA do a great job keeping up and watching over Bonaire's national parks. STINAPA has recently launched a website to enable online purchases of the STINAPA tag. The famous plastic tags are phased out to reduce the production of plastic waste. As an alternative you can now purchase your STINAPA e-tag online.

Find your Dive Spot on the Bonaire Divers Guide Map.

Dive Guide Map

Great local food at Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant. Also for dinner! (most of the local food places are only open for lunch) I like going here for dinner or stop in for a quick drink and goat soup after diving.

Hans of knows many of the caves on Bonaire. He knows a lot about them does great tours. Also a mangrove kayak trip is always nice and educational. The mangroves are the reef's nursery. You'll see many baby fish between the roots of the mangroves, upside down jellies, turtles and many nice birds. Hans does his tours privately or in very small groups.

Susan Porter, the author of Bonaire Shore Diving Made Easy guide book. She's also a level 5 Fish ID guru with Great fun to dive with, especially if you are also interested in ALF's (Annoying Little Fish)

For a great day of deep sea fishing contact Yuri of Bonaire Big Game Fishing at Nice boat, fantastic crew!

Lionfish are an invasive species and if not controlled, will wreak havoc on the reefs and decimate the local fish population. You can help too. By reporting your sightings and catches.If you are serious about hunting Lionfish, you'll want a ZooKeeper LCU (Lionfish Containment Unit). It is very efficient. More than doubled my catches. And above all I never got stung again! Get yours at